Kürzdörfer Vollbier

yellow beer in mug
Kürzdörfer Vollbier

Brewery: Kürzdörfer
Town: Lindenhardt

Style: Vollbier
Color: pale yellow
Head: creamy, white
Nose: malt, some cereal
Body: medium
Palate: malt, grainy, underlying hops
Finish: dryish, bitterish

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  This was the first beer I had when doing the Bierquellenwanderweg. A friend had come all the way from the US and we’d had quite a day getting from Munich to this area. To say the beer was disappointing would be an understatement and if I’d done what he had that day, I would have probably not been as good a sport as he was. Luckily, the rest of the beers, including the Landbier from this brewpub, fared a lot better. To be fair, I’ve not had a chance to drink it again but hopefully one day I will.

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2 thoughts on “Kürzdörfer Vollbier

  1. Oh well, when I saw the picture I told myself “Damn that looks tasy AF, I wish I was lying under the sun drinking right there”. I guess appareances can be deceiving…

    1. I’d like to have it again and see what I think sans all the high expectations. Last time, I only had time for one and got the Landbier. It was even better than I had remembered. Gradl is a tough act to follow too.

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