Reh Landbier Zwickl

unfiltered golden beer with bottle
Reh Landbier Zwickl

Brauerei Reh
Zwickl 4.9%
unfiltered golden
Head: white,
rocky, lasting
Nose: slightly grainy

Body: medium

balanced, grainy, hoppy
Finish: clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: This brewery doesn’t get the respect it deserves and every time I have a bottle of their beer, I lament their not having a pub. They generally brew fairly hoppy beers if that’s what you like. This is one gorgeous looking beer with a really fine rocky lasting head. The nose and palate are grainy as you’d expect in the style but well integrated into the balanced palate. Hops are there from the start but don’t intrude while drying out the clean semi-bitter finish. Quite nice.

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2 thoughts on “Reh Landbier Zwickl

    1. Theoretically yes, but the idea has only caught on with new Craft Beer brewers, where they see the value in such things. The old guys who have been brewing for 100s of years (ok, their families) don’t quite get it. To them, you drink the beer and decide if you like it. Sounds kind of simplistic but in the end, everyone tastes things differently anyway so the numbers are somewhat arbitrary. When I do see IBUs on traditional beers, 30 is a fairly high number and as we both know, you see beers over 100 in the US. While I’d sometimes like to see more hops in beers here, I’m not looking for anything like that anymore. If you use way more hops, you need way more malt to balance it out. That all costs way more money and that is passed on to the consumer. Beers are over a Euro now for a half-liter in the super market and people are complaining. You can’t get a good beer in the US three times that if you factor in 12 ounce bottles there. I think beer should be the drink of the masses and while I don’t want cheap beer, I prefer it to be affordable. As you can see, I have been sampling a lot of beers this year and I thank you for following along with the updates I only now have time to do. Lots of new breweries coming up too.

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