The Dutch Connection in Herbsthäuser

Herbsthausen lies in the Main-Tauber valley of Franconian Baden-Württemberg. The landscape is one of rolling hills so unsurprisingly, there are plenty of hiking/biking trails including the Herbsthäuser Bierwanderweg which conveniently passes by the local Herbsthäuser Brauerei.

On a slow train to Franconian Baden-Württemberg

Franconia is not only part of Bavaria and there are areas traditionally in Franconia which still are culturally. The Distelhäuser Brauerei and a beautiful landscape are good reasons to explore the Franconian valley of the Main-Tauber.

Distelhäuser Blond

Distelhäuser Blond is the brewery's most successful foray into Craft Beer. In the Belgian Blond vein, it's fruity with a nice citrusy element and a lingering semi-dry finish.

Distelhäuser Hellerbock

Distelhäuser Hellerbock is a potent 7.5% Bock to celebrate spring. It uses a variety of both aroma and bittering hops for a complex plate and lingering, semi-dry finish.

Distelhäuser Pils

Distelhäuser Pils is a lightly hoppy example using a variety of hops including Saphir and Tettnanger. It's clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish is moreish.

Distelhäuser Landbier

Distelhäuser Landbier is more in the Rotbier style with a rich malty palate and lingering, semi-dry finish.

Distelhäuser Kellerbier

Distelhäuser Kellerbier is a top-fermented beer made with wheat malt, making for a fruity refresher.

Distelhäuser Märzen Urstoff

Distelhäuser Märzen Urstoff is fairly light malty brew with a lingering finish.

Distelhäuser Distel Hell

Distelhäuser Distel Hell is a clean semi-dry Helles with some grain in the palate and a semi-bitter finish.

Distelhäuser Dunkles Weizen

Distelhäuser Dunkles Weizen is one of the driest dark wheat beers I've had but features some banana bread in the malty nose.