Distelhäuser Hellerbock

golden beer in logo glass with bottle
Distelhäuser Heller Bock

Brewery: Distelhäuser
Hellerbock 7.5%
Color: deep golden

white, creamy
richly malty, hint of almond
Body: full

balanced, malty, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: on tap at the Distelhäuser Brauhaus

Impression: This rich Bock uses a variety of hops for both aroma and flavor but overall I found it not quite as dry as I’d like. I think it might be a more rounded Bock if it were more in the 6.5% range. It’s certainly balanced enough considering its appreciable 7.5% alcohol content and perhaps I’d have found it more rounded if I’d had it without a prior style in a much hoppier mold. I’ll have to pick some bottles up to do just that before I pass final judgement.

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