Catching up with old friends & new Bocks on the 13-Brewery Trail

The Bamberg Countryside Breweries Experience and Brewing Heartland Experience are two great walking tours which take you off the beaten path and out into the beautiful Franconian countryside. You can be sure to drink beers you will never find back home and eat the local delicacies.

The Pocket Guide to Bamberg’s Best Beer

The guide to Bamberg's best beer. With only a couple days in Bamberg, you have to choose your beers well. This is the guide to the best beer in Bamberg, the beers you have to try.

Adler-Bräu Hellerbock

Adler-Bräu Stettfelder Hellerbock is a classic example of the style. Rich and malty with ample hopping, making for a dryish finish.

Hermann-Ampferbach Weihnactsbock

Brauerei Hermann's Weihnachtsbock is a gorgeous dry hoppy bock with a soft body and fruity palate and some dried fruit in the nose.

Greifenklau Bock

Greifenklau Bock is yet another great Franconia Hellerbock with a hint of apricot before a dry bittersweet finish.