Kronprinz Hoppy Jack

unfiltered dark beer in glass
Kronprinz Hoppy Jack

Brewery: Kronprinz
Style: Imperial IPA

Color: unfiltered dark amberg

Head: off-white, creamy

Nose: cascade
rich malt, cascade hops
Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: It took me three years to get to this slightly out of the way Bamberg brewery. At the time, it was the newest in town but there have been a couple others to open against all the old time competition. I haven’t been back but I hope to at some point. I thought it was a very nice place and the food was good and somewhat different than most brewpubs in town. Both beers I had were quite good and that was after a day of sampling Bamberg’s best Bocks. This beer was actually stronger than all the Bocks at 8% and hoppier than any Pils in town to boot. It tasted a bit like Stone Arrogant Bastard from the States and that’s a pretty good craft beer in my opinion. The problem for me is when I’m in Bamberg, I’m looking for the old world Bamberg experience and this is more of a US brewpub one. That said, it’s a good one and if you are looking for such, don’t hesitate to go.

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