How to find beer at the end of the rainbow

Hiking in the rain isn't so bad when you find the rainbow that leads to beer.

Brauerei Ott/Aichinger/Hübner Kreisla

This special collaboration brewed by Ott, Aichinger and Hübner in Steinfeld is a fine Kellerbier.

Brauerei Ott Edel-Pils

Ott Pils is a true dry bitter Pils, with just a hint of grain.

Brauerei Ott Export

Ott's Export is a light-bodied, balanced quaffer with some grain up front and enough hops for a clean dry finish.

Brauerei Ott Obladara (Original)

Ott's Obladara is their signature Franconian lager, with a touch of chocolate up front and a long dryish, bittersweet finish.

Brauerei Ott Bock

Ott Bock is a fine example of a Hellerbock with a rich malty palate and long dryish bitter finish.

How to make Easter Franconian

A yearly tradition of stopping in Franconia on our way north for Easter has brought us to some amazing breweries as as well scenic towns and wonderful nature. Easter fountains are the icing on the cake!

Brauerei Ott Hellerbock

Ott's Bock is a fine Hellerbock but its finish could be a bit drier.