Brauerei Ott Export

golden beer in mug

Brauerei Ott Export

Brewery: Ott
Color: light golden

Nose: grainy
Body: light

balanced, some grain up front, fair hops in finish
Finish: dry, clean, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I didn’t have the Export the first time I visited the brewpub though I almost ordered it by mistake. I thought the Original was the Helles so the Export had to be the Dunkles. I’d been to an area not far from here where the Dunkles was referred to as the Export to boot. Anyway, I luckily asked and got the dark beer, which is what I wanted. This time, I had a couple days in the area and got to try a few more of the beers. This Export was one of them and it came out looking like a keeper and had a nice balanced flavor and a surprisingly dry, clean finish. I don’t tend to drink this style in Franconia, but this is one of the better ones and would gladly have it again.

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