Brauerei Ott Hellerbock

golden beer in mug
Brauerei Ott Hellerbock

Brewery: Ott
Heller Bock
Color: pale
white, fluffy
Nose: malty
Body: medium-
rich and malty, touch of hops
Finish: finish could be drier

Served: on tap at the brewery

The brewpub was very busy so service was pretty bad. Beers were arriving with heads already dissipating, not typical of Bavaria. My first beer was disappointing but this bock was a bit better. It was certainly a well enough made Bock but the finish was a bit lacking so overall, not a special beer.

Oddly enough, I saw this in a bottle a year later and decided to give it another try. Even stranger, the bottled version was better or I had a better frame of mind. In any case, by all means try it. I know if I see it on tap again, it will be the first thing I order.

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