Brauerei Ott Bock

Brauerei Ott Bock

Brewery: Ott
Heller Bock
Color: pale
white, fluffy
Nose: malty
Body: medium-
rich and malty, touch of hops
Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Posting this bottle review to show how situations can effect the way you experience a beer and how that changes your impression of it. Brauerei Ott is on the Tummler Brauereienwanderweg. This longish pretty trail passes Franconian brewing legend Huppendorfer, too. I’ve been to the latter many times but had never managed to get to Brauerei Ott.  We stopped by one Good Friday to do part of the trail and figured having lunch there would be a good idea. Another good idea would have been making a reservation as the place was absolutely packed when we arrived. The brewer/owner took pity on us and since we were only two, managed to squeeze us in. Service wasn’t the best as you might imagine and it took forever for both food and beer. My wife wasn’t happy. So, it might not be too surprising that the beer didn’t quite live up to expectations, which were admittedly high. I was happy they had their Bock on tap and though it was decent, I found it lacking in the finish.

I saw it in bottle form at a local bottle shop recently and picked it up to give it another shot. It poured beautifully with a robust lasting head. It had a lovely malty palate but this time around, the finish was long, dry and bitter. Hellerbocks can be lovely beers when well done and this sample was that.

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