Tummler Brauereienwanderweg


This is an uncrowded hilly trail through pastoral areas,  a few mills, a couple chapels and a hilltop castle. It only has two breweries but they’re both great ones including Franconian legend Huppendorfer. There is a third brewery not so far off the main trail in Heiligenstadt i. OFr. It’s well worth the detour and gives you  another option for a place to spend the night as it has rooms, too.

Breweries: 2 (Huppendorfer, Ott, Aichinger Drei Kronen)

Distance: 20 km (perhaps another 3-4 km if adding Heiligenstadt i. OFr.)

Starting Point: Huppendorfer it about as good a place to start as any as with it being a circuit, you will finish there too and can’t imagine a better case scenario. If you can’t get a room there (a very real possiblity!), you can stat in Heiligenstadt i. OFr. at the Drei Kronen or a few other options).

Tummler Map Best
Stage 1: Huppendorf to Greifenstein Castle (9 km). This scenic route takes you past the Laurenzi Chapel to the majestic hilltop castle Greifenstein.

Stage 2: Greifenstein Castle to Oberleinleiter (4 km). This passes the rocky outcropping known as the Kreuzstein. If you’ve started early, visited the castle and climbed the Kreuzstein, you will be more than ready for a hearty lunch at Brauerei Ott.

Stage 3: You’ll be glad you did the trail in this direction after a big meal and a few beers as it’s only 7 km back to Huppendorf. It passes by the Herold Mill, one of Germany’s oldest and the large and small Tummlers, flowing karst springs.

Huppendorfer is a destination in itself

Where to stay? No better place than the Huppendorfer brewery. Great food and beer. Nice good value rooms, too. Drei Kron in Heiligenstadt i. OFr. has rooms, as well.

How to get there? There are buses to Huppendorf but they are highly irregular so you would need to be very flexible. This is one town best reached by car or on foot. Heiligenstadt has somewhat better bus service but plan ahead. There are numerous other trails nearby so you can make your way here from them on foot, too.

If you have any questions about access, please drop me a line. If you’re not up to doing it on your own, I’m available for guided trips into this pretty valley with timeless breweries.

Not your kind of hike, how about the 7-Brauereienweg?