Waischenfeld Brauereienweg

Burg Rabenstein is a highlight of this trail

This is a circuit trail that starts and finishes in Waischenfeld. It’s made up of a couple trails so often people hike one side or the other of the “circuit,” but you can’t go wrong in this gorgeous slice of the Fränkische Schweiz (Franconian Switzerland). A hilltop castle, dense hilly forests and winding rivers are what you’ll see. Throw in two fine breweries and you’re talking a little piece of paradise.

Breweries: 2 (Heckel-Bräu, Held-Bräu)

Length: 13km

Starting Point: Waischenfeld. This pretty town is a tourist hub with a hilltop castle and meandering river.

waischenfeld trail map

Stage 1: Waischenfeld to Oberailsfeld (6km) is a stroll along the idyllic Wissent River past an old mill area and ending at Held-Bräu in Oberailsfeld.


The Wissent River & a rewarding beer at Held-Bräu

Stage 2: Oberailsfest to Waischenfeld (7km) is the hillier section of the circuit but you are rewarded with dense forest trails leading to hilltop Castle Rabstein before returning to Waischenfeld for another fine beer at Heckel-Bräu.

Forest trail to Burg Rabstein

Places to stay: Unfortunately, neither brewery has rooms though Held-Bräu did a few years ago and we can only hope they do again one day. There are some apartments for rent in Oberailsfeld and numerous options in Waischenfeld.

How to get there? This is another area best reached by car though there is limited bus service to both brewery towns.

If you have any questions regarding access, please feel free to drop me a line.  If you don’t feel up to doing in on your own, I’m available for guided trips.

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