7 Brauereienweg

Lohndorf as seen on approach from the trail

This is part of and the most popular portion of the 13 Brauereienweg. Set in an area affectionately referred to as the Franconian Tuscany, the trail cuts through some of the most gently pretty landscape in the area. It also passes through six breweries. Unfortunately, one of the original seven breweries has stopped brewing.  In the summer months, there are two bierkellers on the route so there are more than enough great places to stop for a beer. That the beer is amongst the best in Franconia is yet another reason to put this high on your list.

Breweries: 6 (Hönig, Hölzlein, Reh, Krug, Griess, Sauer) An alternative route could swing you by Knoblach in Schammelsdorf, too.

Bierkellers: 2 (Griesskeller, Rossdorfer Felsenkeller)

Length: 17 km (without Schammelsdorf extenstion)

Staring Point: Tiefenellern is the classic but you can stay on the bus and shorten the walk if that sounds too long. That would be silly if Brauerei Hönig is open as it’s one of the more traditional brewpubs on the trail, serves up inexpensive tasty snacks and some of the finest beers including their Lagerbier and Pils, both from gravity dispense.

Brauerei Hönig is the key attraction to Tiefenellern

7 BrauereienwegMap.jpg

Stage 1: Tiefenellern to Lohndorf (approximately 2 km). You could bike along the main road but once out of town, there is a side trail to the right that gives you a bit of elevation to look out over the very pretty valley.  You’ll also be rewarded with nice views of Lohndorf before you drop down into the village. Reh is small brewery with a stand up tasting room. Hölzlein is more a traditional pub with great food with an excellent Vollbier.

rural scenery from the trail, Lohndorf as you enter and Hölzlein’s Biergarten

Stage 2: Lohndorf to Geisfeld (approximately 6 km).  This scenic stretch of trail passes rural farmland and again offers pretty views into the Lohndorf Valley.  It also has some nice forested sections, much appreciated on hot sunny days. Sadly, Brauerei Winkler at around the midway point of Melkendorf stopped brewing in 2012. It made for a great break in the walk, as well as serving up some of the best beer in the trail.

rural landscape & the cute town of Geisfeld await

Stage 3: Geisfeld to the Griesskeller (500 meters).  This is the beeriest part of the route for sure! After enjoying a great Lagerbier at Brauerie Krug in town, you will have to walk by Brauerei Griess to get to their Bierkeller just on the edge of town. Only you can decide if you want to stop at both. If the weather isn’t good, you’ll have to be content with the brewpub but if it’s nice out, I’d just go to the Keller and count yourself lucky.  Their Kellerbier is one of the best, too.

Krug, the pretty hamlet of Geisfeld & the Griesskeller

Stage 4: Griesskeller to Rossdorf (approximately 2 km). It’s tough to drag yourself away from the Griesskeller but your consolation is there’s another great one down the road apiece.  It’s a short but sweet stretch, especially if the sun is going down (very likely if you’ve stopped at all the breweries).  Again, you will be faced with going to the brewery and/or Bierkeller. This time, it’s made a bit easier as you don’t have to walk right by the brewery to get to the Keller. It’s your choice but if time is limited and the sun is shinning, I’d say Keller every time!  They have a fine Lagerbier and the last time I was there a tasty Braunbier, as well.

the wonders of the Franconian Tuscany & the Rossdorfer Felsenkeller

Stage 5: Rossdorf to Strullendorf (approximately 4 km). The homestretch is a bit anticlimactic but if you’ve paced yourself well both drinking and walking-wise, there is yet another Bierkeller about two-thirds of the way back to the train station in Strullendorf. Though the Schwanenkeller isn’t on a par with the two you’ve just been lucky enough to sit in, it’s not bad and has Buttenheim’s Löwenbräu Kellerbier on tap. It’s not right on the main trail to town but there are signs for it and you’re as likely to go that way as the more direct one unless you’ve got a great sense of direction.  There are numerous other places to eat and drink in Strullendorf itself but keep an eye on your train departures depending on where you’re headed.