Grasser Weizenbock

Grasser Weizenbock is high octane wheat treat with hints of apricot and yeast in both the nose and palate. At 8%, it's dangerously drinkable.

Grasser Kathrein Bock (bottle)

Grasser Kathrein Bock is a marvelous Hellerbock from the Franconian brewing legend in Huppendorf. It's a great mix of rich malt and fine hops with a dry bittersweet finish. It's dangerously drinkable at 7.5%.

Grasser 1750 Vollbier (bottle)

One of Franconia's brewing legends resides in Huppendorf. This1750 Vollbier is merely a smaller bottle of their classic Vollbier.

Grasser Zwickel (bottle)

One of Franconia's brewing legends resides in Huppendorf. This Zwickel is a fine and refreshing example of the style with a semi-dry moreish finish.

Grasser Pfingstöchsla

Grasser Pfingstöchsla is a rich amber Festbier brewed for Whit Sunday with a nice hoppy element for great balance.

Grasser Weihnachtsfestbier

Grasser in Huppendorf is one of Franconia's greatest. Their Festbier is a fine example, with a rich malty palate and some find hopping to dry it out in the clean bitter finish.