Grasser Pfingstöchsla

light amber beer in mug
Grasser Pfingstöchsla

Brewery: Grasser
Town: Huppendorf
Style: Festbier
Color: deep amber
Head: white, ample
Nose: slight malt
Body: full
Palate: rich, malty, fair hopping, cereal near finish
Finish: dryish,  bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was another quick stop for lunch, timed specifically to try this Pfingsten (Whit Sunday) beer. On the back from my wife’s family, we generally stop for lunch and she graciously drives back home from there. She loves the food but she’s more than a great sport, as she loves their beer too! This was another beauty of a Festbier. Grasser must have the cleanest glasses of any brewery and their beers are always poured to maximum effect. It didn’t have much of a nose and to be honest, it wasn’t quite up to the Export for me but it was nonetheless a very tasty brew. When your bar is high, beers like this fall a notch below.  It remains a beer I’d love to have again, preferably with a room waiting upstairs.

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