Grasser Kathrein Bock (bottle)

golden beer in glass with bottle
Grasser Kathrein Bock

Brewery: Grasser
Town: Huppendorf
Style: Hellerbock
Color: deep golden
Head: white, rocky
Nose: rich malt, faint grain and hops
Body: full
Palate: balanced, rich malt, nicely integrated light graininess, underlying but firm hops
Finish: clean, bittersweet, dry

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: I’d had this at Café Abseits a few years ago but at the end of a Bock-filled day so my memory is foggy. I thought it was amber but this is very much a golden Bock. It’s a lot more like their Josefi-Bock than I’d remembered and that’s a beer I’ve had on tap a few times at the brewery. In fact, it’s possible this one is even more hoppy. There’s a nice graininess to both the nose and palate. It’s got plenty of malt backbone but at the same time, it’s more on the bitter side. As it warms up, there’s a touch of honey in both the nose and palate. It’s the kind of Hellerbock I like and dangerously drinkable at 7.5%!

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