Brauerei Ott/Aichinger/Hübner Kreisla

amber beer in mug
Brauerei Ott/Aichinger/Hübner Kreisla

Brewery: Ott, Aichinger, Hübner
Oberleinleiter/Heiligenstadt i. OFr./Steinfeld
Color: dark amber, unfiltered

white, creamy
Nose: malty
Body: medium

malty, some fruitiness, underlying hops
Finish: dryish, clean

Served: on tap at Brauerei Ott

Impression: I was enjoying all the beers on the menu at Ott and noticed a poster on the wall, heralding one called Kreisla. It was a collaboration Kellerbier from two breweries on the Tummlerweg (Ott and Aichinger) along with one in nearby Steinfeld (Hübner). Oddly, Huppendorfer (the third Tummlerweg brewery) was not part of it. At any rate, hard to pass up and I was glad I got it once it came out, with its huge creamy head. It was a lovely balanced brew with some fruitiness in the otherwise malty palate and enough hops to keep in honest in the clean, dryish finish. If you see it when there, give it a go.

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