‘s Antla Weisse Fraa

golden beer in tulip glass with duck bierdeckel
‘s Antla Weisse Fraa

Brewery: ‘s Antla
Town: Kronach
Style: Belgian Tripple 8.5%
Color: golden
Head: white, creamy
Nose: rich malt, stone fruit (peach), light hops
Body: medium
Palate: balanced, fruity, pleasant light hop, obvious alcohol

Finish: lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery


This seasonal triple is both a bargain (same price as their regular beer!) and highlight. It’s rich and fruity with a pleasant peach element and warming alcohol. The server seemed happy I ordered it with my ginger soup and imagine its 8.5% alcohol content scares off most Germans. It’s not amazing compared to a Belgian example but this is Kronach and I applaud their effort and desire to bring this type of beer to the local populace.

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