Roppelt Märzen

beer in ceramic mug with logo and cover
Roppelt Märzen

Brewery:  Roppelt
Style: Märzen
in Krug so no visuals, looks amber
Head: off-white
, thinning
faint malt
Body: medium

malty, underlying hops
Finish: clean, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the Roppelt Keller

Impression: I had every intention of sticking to their Kellerbier but I noticed that they not only had a Märzen but it was on tap so it was impossible to resist. I’d have liked to get this in a clear glass so I could see the color and if filtered, especially since it wasn’t particularly hot and it’s such a shady Bierkeller, it’s not going to get warm that quickly. The head wasn’t as nice and there wasn’t much of an aroma but it was a nice malty brew with a clean finish. I looked on their website and there is no mention of it but there is a Dunkles on there that I’d never seen. I’ve been in places were the two styles are interchanged, perhaps if the main beer is golden and there is only one other. I’m still not sure but I hope to get to the pub in winter for the Dunkles. It’s alluded me so far. I’m glad I tried the Märzen and it’s not like you couldn’t drink it for a session but I’d stick with the Kellerbier next time.

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