Ungespundetes.  This is similar to Kellerbier but refers more to the process of fermentation when it was done in the barrel. The bung hole was left “unbunged” to keep it from bursting due to pressure, thus letting off a lot of the carbon dioxide. This resulted in lower carbonation and a less gassy beer. This in turn let the drinker taste the flavors more naturally. The area around Bamberg is the sole remaing one using this term. Mahrs “U” is surely the most known though now that it’s no longer served gravity dispense, it’s perhaps not the most pure example. Spezial U shows that the beers are most linked by process and low carbonation rather than flavor.

 some of the “Ungespundetes” beers in the area around Bamberg

Perhaps closer to the original interpretation is Wagner-Bräu Ungespundetes Lagerbier, with it being served gravitiy dispense at the brewpub in Kemmern. Another great one is the hoppy Knoblach Ungespundetes Lager, direct from the tank. If doing the Dorf Breweries Tour, check out both Wagner Lagerbier Ungespunden. So, as you can see, it’s not easy to corrale this group. They vary in color but are all around 5%. They vary in hopping but are all low on the carbonation scale. Kellerbier vs. Ungespundetes? They’re very similar perceptually and should be unfiltered and low in carbonation. I always feel a Kellerbier should be hoppy but this is a style many big breweries are cashing in on and I’ve had some incredibly bland ones too.

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