Wagner-Bräu Ungespundetes Lagerbier

Wagner-Bräu Ungespundetes Lagerbier

Brewery: Wagner-Bräu
Ungespundetes (don’t even ask)
Color: unfiltered
lively, white, thinning
slight smokiness
soft, low carbonation
dry, fruity, slight chocolate
Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: on gravity dispense at the brewery

Impression: I had this at the brewery’s Keller a few years ago and it was overly flat. It is a low carbonation style but that particular day, it had lost the little carbonation it needs. It was still tasty and I’ve had it bottle form so I knew it was a well-made beer. I finally got to have it at the brewery and it was in gravity dispense, as it was at their Keller. That said, it was perfect, surely due to the busier venue and it being more freshly tapped. It looked great when it came out and tasted even better. The low carbonation makes for a very easy drinking beer but not one without ample flavor. Though bitter in the dry finish, its initial flavor sensation is moreish with some fruitiness and an ever so slight chocolate note.

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