Grasser Grachäds

amber beer in mug

Grasser Grachäds

Brewery: Grasser
Town: Huppendorf
Style: Rauchbier
Color: light amber
Head: white dense bubbles
Nose: slight smoke
Body: medium, low carbonation
Palate: dry, bitter, smoky malt
Finish: clean, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I had mixed expectations with this one. Most beers from Huppendorfer (the more known name for Brauerei Grasser) are excellent but the last seasonal I’d had was a little disappointing. Of course, this is not an easy place to get to so that plays into things, as does the generally high hopes for anything the brewery makes. This one came out looking amazing, as does just about everything this place produces. They are good looking beers, always served correctly to emphasis it. They must have the cleanest, clearest glassware in the business! Anyway, it’s not all about looks and this one backed it up with great flavor, as well. Though a Rauchbier, it’s not overly smoky with just a hint to make the otherwise, dry, bitter beer that much more interesting. If there’s a session Rauchbier out there, this is it.

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