Mahrs Sommer Pils

yellow beer in mug
Mahrs Sommer Pils

Brewery: Mahrs Bräu
Color: pale yellow

white, fluffy
slight malt, hops
Body: light, 
medium carbonation
some cereal grain, bitter
Finish: long and dry, clean

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: One of the greatest brewpubs you’re likely to have the pleasure of enjoying a beer and meal in. This was my first time to get to enjoy their equally lovely Biergarten. It’s been revamped a bit to help serve the crowds that rightfully descend on it on nice days.  I’d had both the Fruhlings Bier and regular Pils prior to trying this Sommer Pils so that surely played a factor for me as it was my least favorite of the three. That said, it was a fine quaffer perfectly suited to a warm summer afternoon. It had a cereal note I found didn’t quite fit but if you looked at it as a Helles, it was probably better than most and in the finish, there was no mistaking it’s super well-made, as expected by Mahrs. If you only have one, go for the Pils or U but if you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter or want to try the full range, you won’t be disappointed

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