Mahrs E.T.A. Dunkles Lagerbier bottle

Mahrsbräu E.T.A. Dunkles Lagerbier is a lovely chocolatey dry Dunkles with a moreish lingering finish.

Mahrs Dunkler Weisser Bock bottle

Mahrsbräu Dunkler Weisser Bock is dark classic with baked bananas in both the nose and palate before the lingering moreish finish.

Mahrs Pils

Mahrsbräu makes an amazing range of beers and this Pils is one of their originals. It’s fruitier than is typical but its dry bitter finish makes no doubt what kind of beer it is.

Mahrs Bräu U

Mahrs Bräu makes an amazing range of beers and this is their flagship. "U" is a hard beer to describe but not to drink. I've never heard anyone say they didn't like it.