Mahrs Pils

yellow beer in mug
Mahrs Pils

Brewery: Mahrs Bräu
Color: pale yellow

white, rokcy
slight malt, hops
Body: light, 
medium carbonation
hoppy, fruity, dry
Finish: long, dry, clean, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: One of the greatest brewpubs you’re likely to have the pleasure of enjoying a beer and meal in. This was my first time to get to enjoy their equally lovely Biergarten. It’s been revamped a bit to help serve the crowds that rightfully descend on it on nice days.  I had quite a few beers this afternoon including a few seasonals but their Pils still stood out as one of the best. As is not untypical of Franconian Pils, it’s a bit fruity but the finish is still dry and bitter, as you would expect of the style. There’s plenty of malt in the mix, making for a very drinkable brew. It’s the kind of beer you could drink all afternoon but with so many choices, it just doesn’t seem possible.

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4 thoughts on “Mahrs Pils

  1. I know many people rave about the U, but I was absolutely amazed by this pils. So balanced and tasty! You get the bready and cereal notes from the malt, the herbal and hay notes from the german hops, the creaminess and drinkability from gravity dispense. I only had 3 beers at Mahrs, but had 2 halves of this one!

    1. I was sad to find out that none of the beers were gravity dispense. A friend told me and I was skeptical until I was there when the ran out of the Bock. Instead of bringing in a new barrel, they went across the Schwemme and there were all the metal kegs and they just switched the lines. 🙁 I remember when I first went there and all they had during the day was the U. At 5:00 in the afternoon, the tapped the Pils. That was it. So, now I guess you get a lot more beers on tap but all regular taps. They did a hell of a job with the barrels, they sure look authentic. I still love the place and the beer sure goes down easily!

      1. I just went through your article on the brewery. Really surprised they are regular kegs, it felt so creamy and smooth! It must have been my minds playing tricks on me then…

        1. I was pretty upset by it and I would have sworn it was gravity too. It’s the same at Spezial, another big letdown for me last winter. Not only that it was the case but that I didn’t know it and was saying it was gravity when it hadn’t been in at least a few years. All that said, they don’t pump a lot of CO2 into their beers and know how to properly pour a beer so it’s not super gassy.

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