Mahrs Helles

golden beer in glass with bottle
Mahrs Helles

Brewery: Mahrs Bräu
Color: bright golden

white, rocky
slight malt
Body: medium

balanced, fruity, underlying hops
Finish: clean

Served: from a bottle bought near Bamberg

Impression: I’m not one to drink Helles in Franconia since I live in Munich and can mostly only drink that there. They used to be rare but there are more and more of them popping up so not unusual that a brewery which makes a bit line-up would do it. I saw it at a bottle shop near Bamberg and figured I’d give a try despite it being one of the priciest offerings in what otherwise as a quite reasonable shop. It poured magnificently and had a very nice balanced taste. It reminded me of Augustiner but with a fruity touch that is typical of Franconia. It was surprisingly good but still a bit overpriced in my opinion. Not sure I’d drink it at the brewery but if a big fan of the style and you have lots time to try an assortment, I wouldn’t hesitate to get one.

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