Mahrs Bräu U

unfiltered amber beer in mug
Mahrs Bräu “U”

Mahrs Bräu
Color: hazy, light amber

white, fluffy
malt, bread, biscuit
Body: light, 
low carbonation
some cereal grain, bread, fruity, slightly tart, floral hops
Finish: long and dry, clean

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: One of the greatest brewpubs you’re likely to have the pleasure of enjoying a beer and meal in. Mahrs Bräu has such a great line-up that I often overlook this classic brew. Ungespundetes beer is a style only really brewed in and immediately around Bamberg.  Rather than keeping the barrels sealed, an opening allows some of the carbonation to seep off, making for a very easy to drink session beer. It also lets the drinker enjoy the many flavors without interference from carbon dioxide.  While the wooden barrels are no ornamental, the brewery seems to keep the CO2 under control and the beers are rarely gassy.  The interplay of flavors is hard to describe. It seems at once sweet and hoppy, and in the end quite dry.  It’s incredibly easy to drink and a tough one to switch from. Even friends I swore wouldn’t like it, really give it the thumbs up. It’s one of the reasons Bamberg is truly a beer Mecca.

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