Mahrs Frühlingsbier

golden beer in mug
Mahrs Frühlingsbier

Brewery: Mahrs Bräu
Color: golden

white, rocky
malt, faint hops
Body: medium

malty, fair but underlying hops, dry, fruity
Finish: long, dry, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: One of the greatest brewpubs you’re likely to have the pleasure of enjoying a beer and meal in. This was my first time to get to enjoy their equally lovely Biergarten. It’s been revamped a bit to help serve the crowds that rightfully descend on it on nice days.  This was my first beer of the day and a winner it was. It came out with a massive rocky head and golden hue. It was richly malty but with plenty of hops to finish dryly.

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