Dampfbier. This is Germany’s version of Steam Beer. So, if nothing else you learn that dampf is steam. This is only really produced in two towns in Bavaria and neither of them is in Franconia but you never know when you might need to know the name steam in German. Think Dampfbad if going to the Sauna.  It’s best to head to Zwiesel if interested as it’s next to the Bavarian Forest, there are ample hiking trails and it’s home to 1. Dampfbierbrauerei (originally Pfefferbräu).

 The old Pfefferbräu changed its name to capitalize on it but it seems most locals drink their Helles.  Beer tourists, however, must flock there in summer. It’s also of interest as it’s top-fermented so another reason for it being a rarity in Bavaria.  It’s not particularly hoppy due to the fact that hops weren’t grown or readily available in this region. I was there once when I first explored Bavaria and just recently for my book Beer Hiking Bavaria. It’s not in Franconia but somehow the quirkiness of the style fits in. I wonder if it were a Franconian beer, would the locals drink it. Generally, they’re amber and 5%. In 2022, Bayer in Theinheim brewed a Dampfbier so while you may not see one there when you venture out, they did have one as at least a once-off.

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