Doppelbock. Sometimes literal is not the way to go as these are not double the strength of a Bock. They are typically around 7% but I’ve seen a few clock in at over 8%. They are dark affairs, reserved for the colder months. In Munich, they come out during the early part of Lent. As you might expect, they are big malty brews but the best have a nice dryness about them and their finishes are moreish.  It’s more of a southern Bavarian tradition, with Munich’s Paulaner brewing the original Salvator. Most Munich breweries add -ator to their versions in homage. There are some really good ones in Franconia if you are around when they are available.

two very different Franconian Dopplebocks

I’ve only had Ulrich Martin’s Martinibock in a bottle but I have their Anstich on my list for next year. Oddly enough, Bamberg’s Fässla uses the -ator suffix in their Bambergator but it comes out in autumn like other Franconian Bockbiers rather than Lent like Salvator. It’s very strong but amply hopped so I quite like it. Increasingly, there are some untraditional Heller Doppelbocks popping up.

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