Ulrich Martin Martini Bock (bottle)

unfiltered beer in glass with bottle
Ulrich Martin Martinibock

Ulrich Martin
Hausen (bei Schonungen)
Style: Dunklerbock

Color: ruddy amber
Head: frothy, thinning

Nose: spicy fruits

Body: full

Palate: richly malty, apricot
Finish: long, lingering, dry, bittersweet

from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression: I had missed the Bockbieranstich for this beer due to another trip so was glad that they still had some bottles left when I visited. I’d had quite a few beers with my meal and needed to catch a train so took it to bring home. I wish I’d got a few of them as it was excellent, even better than an amazing Weizenbock I’d had while at the brewery.  It poured an unfiltered amber with a frothy thinning head and some spicy dried fruit in the nose. It had a rich malty palate with some apricot notes. The long lingering finish was dry and bittersweet. Needless to say, I’ll try to get up there for the tapping next time.

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