Dunkles. Well, dunkel is dark so this is helpful in ordering beers but most will be thinking of Münchener Dunkles since it did evolve from the great lager innovating town. These are light to dark brown with a nice malty profile which often have hints of chocolate for good measure. The best also have a dry quality which makes them imminently drinkable. I hate when people say they don’t like dark beers or they aren’t good for summer. Just remember, once upon a time in Munich, the only beer at any Biergarten was a Dunkles. Now, they are sadly hard to find on tap in a Biergarten there. As you can probably tell, it’s one of my favorite styles and Franconia has some very tasty ones. While you find them elsewhere in the region, the best seem to be clustered in Franconian Switzerland.

ah, what I love and luckily for me, my wife’s favorite style too

The more traditional ones are Held-Bräu Bauernbier Dunkel in Oberailsfeld,  Kathi-Bräu Dunkel in Heckendorf and Mager Dunkel in Pottenstein. On the drier side is Herold Beck ‘n Bier Vollbier in Büchenbach and the sublime Leupser Dunkel from Gradl in Leups. These last two could also be classified as Vollbiers but more on that later.

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