Beck 'n Bier Vollbier

Beck ‘n Bier Vollbier

Brewery: Herold
Town: Büchencbach

Style: Vollbier
Color: light amber
Head: off white, dense rocky head
Nose: malt, slight chocolate
Body: medium, low carbonation
Palate: malty, hint of chocolate, dry
Finish: long, slightly bitter, dry
Served: on gravity dispense at the brewery
Impression:  Love seeing beer being dispensed via gravity from barrels atop the bar. Have had this beer via this method as well as from a normal tap, both at the brewery and can attest to it being better without the added CO2 though in both cases carbonation was low. The thing that catches you about this beer is its dryness without resorting to being over-hopped. Its malty flavor draws you in but never becomes cloying with some chocolate interplay. The slightly bitter finish is very pleasant and moreish.

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