Export. This is more a style from Dortmund and is a golden colored beer of  5%, which from what I understand is quite good in its town of origin. I hope to get there one day. It is also used by breweries to connotate their beer is of exportation quality. In Franconia, you seem to see it used more on top of other names, particularly Export Dunkel. Ott Export and Huppendorfer Export are more traditional in style. Neder Export, called Fassbier at the brewpub, is a dry fruity variant.

all very worthy of being exported

While most drink the Lagerbier at Zehendner in Mönchsambach, there’s no denying their Export is anything but the other beer. A darker one that otherwise seems hard to categorize is Trunk Export Dunkel from Vierzehnheiligen. Hofmann Export Dunkel from Hohenshwärz is truly a Dunkles.

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