Trunk Nothelfer Export Dunkel

Trunk Nothelfer Export Dunkel

Brewery: Brauerei Trunk Alte Klosterbrauerei
Town: Vierzehnheiligen
Style: Dunkles
Color: chestnut
Head: off-white, dense
Nose: rich malt, chocolate
Body: full, medium carbonation
Palate: rich malt, touch of chocolate, roast, underlying hops
Finish: semi-dry,  bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was a beer that had lived in my memory for 17 years before finally returning in 2019. I’d had a few bottles over the years but there’s nothing quite like drinking a beer on tap, on site. It came out, looking a chestnut beauty. It’s the kind of dry Dunkles that Franconia is noted for and while it goes well with food, its certainly a session beer in its own right. The long finish is not overly dry or bitter but moreish.

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