Grasser Export

golden beer in mug with big head
Grasser Export

Brewery: Grasser
Color: pale
white, rocky
Nose: malty, hint of hops, slight grain
Body: medium

Palate: richly malty, some grain, underlying hops which linger

Finish: long, dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was a surprise beer for me. I was on the third day of my four-hike through the brewing heartland of Franconia and was looking forward to staying at Grasser. I’d stayed there the very first time I went but on subsequent visits, there were no rooms to be found. So, they were quickie stops to eat and have a beer or two, generally whatever seasonal I had arranged to be there for. This time, the plan was to drink lots of their Vollbier but I saw people drinking a golden beer and asked what it was. The Export isn’t quite as heralded as other Huppendorfer specialty beers but it was a surprisingly tasty beer. I’m actually amazed it’s not a regular feature since the brewery doesn’t make a Helles.  It looked incredible and had a nice malty aroma. Even though I’d just quaffed a much-deserved Vollbier, this Export was up to the task. It had a nice lingering hoppiness and the finish was clean and dry. It reminded me of a low-octane version of their Josefibock, one of my favorite Hellerbocks so high marks from me. I’ve not had it since and can’t wait to sit in their Biergarten, enjoying one.

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