Bockbier. This the main style that is NOT 5%. They are almost always more than 6% and can get upwards of 7% but the latter ones usually have some other designation, such as Weihnachtsbock (for Christmas, instead of or even in addition to a Festbier). Bock is goat in German and the joke is they kick like a goat, and that’s no joke. At any rate, they make for good labels. In Franconia, the regular Bocks come out in autumn and are typically deep golden and most seem to be around 6.5%. All that said, Bocks can be any color from black to pale yellow. They can be kind of sticky affairs but the very best are sublime in their mix of malt and hops, and dangerously drinkable.

a few of many great Franconian Bockbiers

Seek out Mönchsambacher Weihnachtsbock, Roppelt Bock from Stiebarlimbach or Müller Bock at the Schmausenkeller. A darker beauty is Schroll Bock out of Nankendorf. An old favorite of mine was Bamberg’s Klosterbräu Schwärzlabock, a black beauty which is no long brewed as of 2017.

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