Bier. Ok, not really a style but it’s interesting for two reasons. Despite its being spelled differently than in English, it is conveniently pronounced the same. The funny thing is if you order a beer in the UK, you’ll get an ale (a real beer!). If you order a lager, you’ll get some yellow fizzy crap that resembles nothing like you’ll find in Franconia. If you’re looking to have the main beer in a small Franconian pub, just order a Bier and you will get what nearly everyone else in the place is drinking. If you are unsure, it’s a good way to proceed and since it’s pronounced the same, you can’t really screw it up. Be forewarned, it can be any color and depends solely on the tastes of the locals. One other thing of note and to dispel a myth; Franconian beer (and German beer in general) is generally around 5%. There are stronger beers as you will see below and a very few weaker ones but generally speaking, it’s around 5%.

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