Hellerbock. Literal perfection meets beer perfection here. These light colored Bocks are perhaps the most approachable of all Bocks. They are the most popular in Franconia, odd since it’s an area where amber beers seem the norm. No matter, the best of these mix malt and hops about as well as can be done. They can be on the sweet side otherwise, but when the brewers don’t shy away from adding more hops on top of the more malt they need to up the alcohol content required of the style, the results can be sublime. While they can be unfiltered, the style seems to scream for a clear golden hue. They’re generally around 6.5% but they go upwards of 7%.

 Franconia is home to some wonderful Hellerbocks

Favorite balanced ones from Bamberg include Mahrs Bock and Keesmann Bock. They brew some great ones in the countryside as well. Ott Bock is nice but Huppendorfer Josefibock is one of my favorites. On the hoppier side is the tasty Knoblach Bock from Schammelsdorf.

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