Maibock. Another good literal name, a Bock for May but as is typical of the German scheduling Gods who put the Oktoberfest in September, most come out in April and finish up around the middle of May. So, make sure to inquire before heading somewhere for this seasonal treat. Since it’s a spring Bock, you’d imagine it to be a Hellerbock but there are as many dark ones as light. Munich’s Hofbräu Maibock claims to be the first and it is on the dark side of amber. Two of my Franconian favorites are quite dark and conveniently in the neighboring villages of Leups and Büchenbach but they are very much short term affairs. Leups Maibock often runs out in a matter of days and sometimes doesn’t even make it to May 1st. Herold Maibock may last a bit longer but don’t expect to find it through the month.

 it’s hard to not love May in Franconia

Staffelberg-Bräu Mai-bock is more what you imagine one to be and as is typical of Zehendner, their Mönchsambacher Maibock will have you contemplating the nature of the universe and why every month isn’t May.

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