Leupser Maibock

Gradl Leupser Maibock

Brewery: Gradl
Town: Leups
Style: Maibock
Color: deep garnet
Head: tan, dense
Nose: malty
Body: medium, low carbonation
Palate: malty, dry, some roast
Finish: long, dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  This is not an easy beer to get. I was lucky the first time I was at the old family run brewpub. I’d planned the trip for May 1st as it was a long weekend and I’d read there were Bocks at the two main brewpubs on the Bierquellenwanderweg. I’d enjoyed the one at Herold just up the trail and this one was another winner with perhaps a drier finish to an otherwise well-balanced Bock. I returned this past year on May 3rd, figuring it would be safe to find both Bocks again but the one at Gradl had already run out. If you’re looking to have this fine Bock, time your visit for May 1st. I finally got my wife out on the hike in May 2023 and the Maibock was back on. It seemed even drier and darker as well.  It was marvelous and worth timing your visit for May 1st!

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