Landbier. This is yet another “more of a marketing ploy than actual style designation.” See Bauernbier above and you get the idea. It’s a beer of the land or countryside and they really are the only breweries that should use it. Otherwise, it’s all a marketing ploy.  I quite like Schederndorfer Landbier Dunkel and Stöckel Landbier from Hintergereuth. Many Franconian’s favorite Schroll Landbier is an amber treat.

Weber-Bräu Landbier is now contract-brewed but it’s a hoppy example. Witzgall in Schlammersdorf makes an excellent and often overlooked unfiltered and light colored Landbier, too. So, this is not really a style but you’ll see it a fair amount once you get out of the towns and into the villages.

Next up Märzen or back to Beer Styles.

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