Schankbier. This is a style that has sadly nearly disappeared. Between 2.5 and 3.5% alcohol, it seems to have been replaced by the Radler, a mix of lemonade (think Sprite if American) and beer. I hate the latter and since I don’t drive in Germany, I don’t necessarily need a Schankbier but it’s sad it’s not an option at Biergartens for people on bikes who don’t like something sweet put into their beer. I saw one at the Schönram brewery in southern Bavaria. My driver had one and said it was really good. I took a sip and have to say it was very tasty for a beer under 3%. You probably won’t see one in Franconia but if you’re looking for something with less alcohol, you could ask. They’ll probably laugh at you but maybe they’ll get the idea they can make money on selling weak beer.

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