Kellerbier. This is one of the harder ones to pigeon-hole as it’s often used interchangeably with and is somewhat related to both Zwickelbier and Ungespundetesbier. It’s an unfiltered beer with some yeast sentiment of about 5%. It should have a relative low carbonation as traditionally it would be served via gravity dispense barrel. I’ll talk about the other two styles in the respective letters below to avoid confusion.  Since they’re not pasteurized, they are generally more perishable and should be drunk fresh. Kellerbiers can vary in color but tend to be amber to brown in Franconia. It’s hard to really tell as they are typically served in ceramic mugs called Krugs to protect them from the sun. Of course, the best place to do this is at a Bierkeller.

hard to find better Kellerbiers than in Franconia

Two of the best and most traditionally served are Gries Kellerbier at the Griess Keller and Müller Kellerbier at the Schmausen Keller. Other excellent examples include: Eichhorn Kellerbier, Roppelt Kellerbier, the ligher colored Lieberth Kellerbier, Dinkel Kellerbier Dunkel, Hetzel Kellerbier and Weiherer Kellerbier.

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