Hetzel Frauendorfer Kellerbier

beer in glass with bottle
Frauendorfer Kellerbier

Brewery: Hetzel (Frauendorfer)
Town: Frauendorf
Style: Kellerbier
Color: unfiltered, amber
Head: rocky, off-white
Nose: nice mix of malt and hops, some yeast
Body: medium, low carbonation
Palate: soft, a touch of grain, hoppy, dry
Finish: dry,  bitter

Served: from a bottle bought close to Bad Staffelstein

Impression: I was happy to find this in a local beer store after having hiked to the brewery only to find it unexpectedly closed. I bought the three beers they had from the brewery and drank this one after their signature Vollbier. I thought this would merely be an unfiltered version of it but along with a bit of yeast in the nose and palate, it was much more bitter and a bit less fruity. Still, a great session beer at 4.9%. I could drink all day.

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