Rauchbock. If you haven’t had enough of Rauchbier and you are there during Bockbierzeit, by all means dive right into some of the best. As you might imagine, Schlenkerla is no slouch. Their Ur-Bock remains my favorite and their Rauch Dopplebock Eiche is a smoky sipper. Sometimes overlooked, Spezial Rauchbock is another winning entry from the “other” Rauchbierbrauerei.

 Rauchbocks are a great cold weather retreat

Hummel Räucherator is another heavy one as the -ator suffix warns. Just like regular Bocks, they’re well over 6% with the Dopplebocks over 7% and up to 8%. Just like regular Rauchbiers, they are amber to dark brown. I haven’t seen a black one yet but maybe Klosterbräu will do one.

Next up Rotbier or back to Beer Styles.

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