Hummel Räucherator

amber beer in mug
Hummel Räucherator

Brewery: Hummel
smoked Dopplebock
deep amber
creamy, tan
malty, faint smoke
Body: full
, soft
malty, burnt caramel, light smokiness
Finish: long dry, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle at the brewery

Impression: I was disappointed to find this not on tap at the brewery since it was Lent and certainly the right timing. It may have been because their autumn Bock was still on. All that said, it’s not like you find bottles of this stuff all the time and it was nicely poured and came out looking a deep amber beauty. The light smoky aroma and soft mouthfeel would have fooled me if I’d not been told it wasn’t on tap and the rich malty palate with underlying smokiness was dangerously drinkable. I was still glad I made my way to Merkendorf for it and I hope to return one day to find it on tap. I might have to go to the Anstich.

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