Weizenbock. As the name implies, these are Bocks made with wheat. The original is Munich’s Schneider Aventinus, a dark contemplative brew. This is the only link to a non-Franconian beer I’ll put in this piece. It’s an amazing beer and since it spawned a whole style, I think its deserving.  Weizenbocks have a full spectrum of colors and are between 7% and 8%. They have very complex flavor profiles and since they are bottle-conditioned, it’s not particularly advantageous to have them on tap. 

 the popularity of Weizenbock is on the rise

The style is becoming more popular in Franconia but as with most of the newer ones in Bavaria, they trend to the lighter dimension color-wise. I recently had the amazing Ulrich Martin Weizenbock and Weiherer Weizenbock is actually a treat on tap. Two other noteworthy ones are Sonnen-Bräu Weizenbock , from Mürsbach, and Held-Bräu Weizenbock, from Oberailsfeld.

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