Weiherer Weizenbock (on tap)

unfiltered amber beer in wine glass
Weiherer Weizenbock

Brewery: Kundmüller
Viereth-Trundstadt (Weiher)
Style: Weizenbock

ruddy dark amber
ample, creamy
banana, caramel
Palate: rich
malt, fruity, banana, caramel, dried orange
Finish: clean

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  I’d had their fairly hoppy Sommerweizen that afternoon and this Weizenbock in bottled form a year or so prior, so I was expecting it to be in the same vein. This tap version has surely been tweaked quite a bit as I didn’t notice much of the hoppiness of its predecessor. In its place was a wonderful dried fruit element in the form of dried orange and some caramel for good measure. It was easy to drink at 6.8% and fit well how I was drinking it, as a dessert beer. Still,  I think as a beer to drink more than one, I’d prefer the bottled one.

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