Schneider Aventinus

Schneider Aventinus

Kelheim (original brewery was in Munich)
Style: Weizenbock

Color: ruddy brown
bready tan head
Nose: yeast
, raisin
Body: medium
, bubbly
Palate: rich malt, dried fruit (raisin), yeasty

Finish: long, lingering with whiffs of raisin and yeast

from a bottle purchased in Munich

Impression: This is a beer I’m happy to find often in Munich. Most supermarkets with a fair selection sell it and thankfully, it remains popular with locals. So, it’s always in good shape. The bottle I had this time around still had a good 8 months of shelf life. It’s a gorgeous looking beer and the head is dimpled and lasting. Though it’s 8.3%, it doesn’t play out as that heavy and is dangerously easy to drink. The interplay of flavors is fantastic and the finish is marvelously long and lingering. Still the Weizenbock by which all others are measured.

Care for another Weizenbock?

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